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Dec. 26th, 2008


And Do You Think I Mean?

stole from * neverdoubtedyou.livejournal.com/

Staye​d singl​e almos​t the whole​ year?​​

Kisse​d someo​ne new?

Done somet​hing you'​ve regre​tted?​​

Lost someo​ne?​​

Cut class​?​
just once I think

Were invol​ved in somet​hing you'​ll never​ forge​t?​​

Visit​ed a diffe​rent count​ry?​​

Cooke​d a gross​ meal?​​
not yet

Lost somet​hing impor​tant to you?

Got a gift you adore​?​​

Tripp​ed over a coffe​e table​?​​

Dyed your hair?​​
yes, but I back to black again

Came close​ to losin​g your life?​​

Went to a party​?​​

Read a great​ book?​​

Saw one of your favor​ite bands​/​artis​ts live?​​
not yet, and I wish the band that I LOVE come to my country soon

Did you meet any new frien​ds this year?​​

Did you disli​ke anyon​e?​​

Did you grow apart​ from anyon​e?​

Do you have any regre​ts when it comes​ to your frien​dship​s?​​
I hope not

2008:​ Your BIRTH​DAY!​​
Did you have a party​?​​
not, just eat at the place that I want with people that I love/invite

Did you get any prese​nts?​​
of course

Name some and what'​d you get them from?​​
let's see, a doll *yeah, this one is weird*,

2008:​ All about​ YOU
Did you chang​e at all this year?​​

Did you chang​e your style​?​​
a little, but still me

Were you in schoo​l?​​

Did you get good grade​s?​​
half yes half no

Did you drive​?​​
not yet

Did you own a car?

Did anyon​e close​ to you give birth​?​​

Did you move at all?

Did you go on any vacat​ions?​​
I hope yes

Would​ you chang​e anyth​ing about​ yours​elf now?
a lot

2008 WRAP UP:
Was 2008 a good year?​​
yeah mostly

Do you think​ 2009 will be bette​r then 2008?​​
i hope yes

I confe​ss that in 2008 I...

() kisse​d in the snow
() celeb​rated​ Hallo​ween
( x) had your heart​ broke​n
( ) went over the minut​es on your cell phone​
( ) someo​ne quest​ioned​ your sexua​l orien​tatio​n
( ) came out of the close​t
( ) gotte​n pregn​ant
( ) had an abort​ion
(x) done somet​hing you'​ve regre​tted

( x) paint​ed a pictu​re
() wrote​ a poem
() ran a mile
( ) shopp​ed at Holli​ster or Aberc​rombi​e and Fitch​
( ) poste​d a blog on MySpa​ce
() visit​ed a forei​gn count​ry
( ) cut in a line of waiti​ng peopl​e
(x) told someo​ne you were busy when you weren​'​t
() parti​ed to celeb​rate the new year
() cooke​d a disas​trous​ meal
(x) lied about​ how old you were
( ) prank​ calle​d someo​ne

In 2008 I...
[x] broke​ a promi​se
[x] fell out of love
[ ] told a littl​e white​ lie
[x] lied
[ ] cried​ over a broke​n heart​
[ ] disap​point​ed someo​ne close​
[x] hid a secre​t
[x] prete​nded to be happy​
[ ] slept​ under​ the stars​
[ ] kept your new years​ resol​ution​
[ ] forgo​t your new year resol​ution​
[x ] met someo​ne who chang​ed your life
[ ] met one of your idols​
[x] chang​ed your outlo​ok on life
[x] sat home all day doing​ nothi​ng
[ ] prete​nded to be sick
[ ] left the count​ry
[ ] came back
[ ] almos​t died
[ ] given​ up on somet​hing/​someo​ne impor​tant to you
[ ] lost/​broke​/​just plain​ old fucke​d somet​hing expen​sive
[x] learn​ed somet​hing new about​ yours​elf
[x] tried​ somet​hing you norma​lly would​n'​t try and liked​ it
[x] made a chang​e in your life
[ ] found​ out who your true frien​ds were
[x] met great​ peopl​e
[​x]​.​.​staye​d up til sunri​se
[ ] had frien​ds who were drift​ing away from you
[ ] had a high cell phone​ bill
[ ] spent​ most of your money​ on food
[ ] had a fist fight​
[ ] went to the beach​ with your best frien​d(​s)​​
[x] gotte​n sick
[ ] liked​ more than 5 peopl​e at the same time
[x] becam​e close​r with a lot of peopl​e

Dec. 24th, 2008

the kills

The Kills

you can look at the tittle, I want to write a little about The Kills, I found this band at youtube and I love it, very unique and rock of course. I know jamie hince first *yeah he date kate moss*, and after that I know Alison Mosshart, When I first saw her, my face like this < 0_____0
she was so cool, I like her voice, her screams, and I love her style, quickly I search their song and I download all of their song *alright their cd didn't appear at my country so I always download the music*, and My favorite song is Last Day Of Magic, it's really stuck on my head . I love see their live on youtube, just two people on stage but could make the stage really awesome. their got a unique website too, their share the picture from polaroid, photobooth, everything. here the link if anyone want to see :


oh! today I went to starbuck with my sister, here the picture of me at starbuck, and I look bad xDD :


Dec. 21st, 2008



yeah I'm tired, tired of life and anything, my body feel so heavy and make me feel can't stand anymore. This happen today because of ...., well to many to say, and I don't want to write in here, already sick of that. just need a couple of minute for that feeling gone, yeah thanz to the paddingtons and amy macdonald, thanz to ipod who always be my "medicine" LOL, I had that kind of feeling a lot, and my "medicine" is music, it's really works x))
and right now I'm in my room, listening to the beatles, I can't sleep like I used to be,  I'm cold, and I end up write this stupid journal, but I don't know what I want to write, I'm chat with my friends now , and my itunes change the song to bloc party, the song is So Here We Are, very calm music, and change again to blur - Out Of Time, I love this music so much, oh! it's raining right now make me feel more cold than before.
because I still don't know what I want to write, let's end this stupid post.

Dec. 16th, 2008



 Why you didn't approve?
I saw you open your email
but you didn't approve me?

this in my head now and it's make me ......
yeah!! whatever ....

Dec. 14th, 2008


Fucking Promod Problem

alright ! today is my bad day, just like yesterday, well yesterday I went with my sister to her kost - an * didn't know the English* xDDD, and you know what happen? fucking bad thing happen to us, when me and my sister want to go home, the bus that we used to ride for back to our home is left us! I run to chase that fucking bus!! I left my sister behind me, cause she told me to chase that bus , but I didn't make it! that fucking bus can't stop because there was a traffic jam, it's really crowed that day, I give up to chase that bus, and my sister call my brother * my brother used that bus too*, she asked "what we must to do now?!", actually my brother already on the bus, but because he didn't see me and my sister inside that bus, he decided to get out from that bus, cause is already midnight we decided to get home by taxi, it's cost very expensive!!

and today, another bad thing happen again, today I went to mall with my sister, brother, and my mom, my sister  birthday on 9 dec *already past* , and today she asked for a present, well it was fine at first, we go eat, watch a movie, and finally my sister go to PROMOD,she want to bought a shoes, and bought one too actually, after bought a shoes,the bad thing start happen, me and my sister went to ZARA just for looking around, when we want to get out from the store, a security alarm is ringing, quickly security from ZARA asked to us did from both of us is trying any cloth, he tough maybe the number from the cloth is stuck on our cloth, but the fact is me and my sister didn't try any cloth on that place, the security look confused but when he looked a bag from PROMOD, he seem to understand what are the problem and he let us to go out, me and my sister still didn't know what the problem is, it's happen again when we go to TOP SHOP, and this one is more scary because the security think that I really steal something, but my sister quickly explain what happen before and the security let me go. I decided to go back to PROMOD and asked for explanation, when we back to Promod, and the girl who work there said that the sensor is inside the shoes that we just bought, I asked how the sensor gone?, and she said it will be gone if I use that shoes, so my sister and me decided to change our shoes with the one that we bought, but when I try go back to Top Shop, the alarm still ringing! I'm start to lose my emotion and I back to Promod again and said that the sensor still active, the girl suggested for left our shoes so the manager from Promod can check how to turn the sensor off, so for waiting that shoes done, we decided to bought frozen yogurt for help our emotion lol xDDDD, after a long time waiting, we back again to promod, but Inside Promod, I didn't see the manager and the girl that talked to me, it's already change with another girl and a guy inside the store, my sister asked the guy about the shoes, and the guy said that my sister shoes didn't have any problem anymore and my shoes, he said that the sensor on the left one can't be turn off, after a long fight with that guy I went home with a bad mood on me, and hope if I wear that shoes, the sensor will off, because if the sensor not off, I will get A LOT FUCKING TROUBLE!!!! people will tough I'm a thief or something like that!!!

P.S : sorry for the bad english

Dec. 11th, 2008


finally free

 yeah I'm finally free today, done with all that fucking test , done with all shit that I hate so BAD!

Dec. 10th, 2008


one day

 just one day, and after that I WILL fucking Free!!!! tomorrow will be my last test and I'm really happy about that 8D

Dec. 6th, 2008


the paddingtons

ok I can't sleep like usually, this illness really make me like a vampire xDD
so I decided to open my pc and open you tube, usually I check my email but I kind lazy today for checking my email, on youtube I search for The Paddingtons video, I already watch their video once, only panic attack video, from that video, I'm continue  looking every information  about this band,  and now  I follow  them, they got a good music thought, so I found a video of SORRY song, but it's the alternate video, it's really take a loooooooong time to wait that video done, I have to refresh twice!, I don't know it's because of the damn internet or just from the you tube is error, I fucking don't know, a little pissed me off, so to make me not really bored, I decided to open yahoo and looking for picture of The Paddingtons, and it's worked, make me not bored for waiting the video and I've got a plenty good picture of them x))
the video done when I was want to listened to Oasis, so I watch the video first, I laugh a lot when I watch that video, their so funny and crazy xDD
anyway good song + good video = AWESOME 8DDDb
good job The Paddingtons, their really know how to make their fans happy lol xDDD
I'm still open you tube now, I want to see the video of 50 to a pound, now the video not really slow, so good then, I'm listen to Oasis - I'm outta time ( get of ur head), love this song, they use john lennon interview in the end of the music, what a great idea 8Db
their new album called Dig Out Your Soul, all of the music is good and amazing, it's great album if you bought.
ok I will post the picture that I've got if had a mood, I'm not in the mood now and my pc is being a shit!
see you!



Dec. 3rd, 2008


long time

it's been one week I'm not write in here *hmm.. not sure actually* xDD
alright I've been busy with my test from school, and I'm will still busy until next weeks
yeah fuck with school stuff =3=

oh! I cut my hair , it's totally shooooort, and very different xDD
many my friends didn't recognized me when I go to school, it's kinda funny actually, every time I walk, and meet my friends, they always see me but didn't say "hi" to me because they not sure it's me or not, or just passing me by, and stop quickly and say, " WHAT??!!" xDDDD
always fun to see my friends face like that. oh! one of my friends really didn't know me at all, I was waiting for her in front of my school gate, because she ask me to wait her to come, and I was reading my books school, and suddenly someone put hand in my shoulder, when I look at wonder who, it was my friends * the one that I waited* , but she just look at me and she say, " are you anchi twin?"
and I just laugh looked her like that, and I said, " stupid! it's me anchi! ", and she just like "OMG!!" xDDDD
it's still funny to remember that...

so I'm in love to someone right  now, she really cute and I love her style so much, want to know who? it's her :

her name is Lou Doilon. she got something that make me really like her x))

okay, I thing it's enough, bye...


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